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Nevada Bad Check Defense Lawyers

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NRS 205.130 Issuance of check or draft without sufficient money or credit: Penalties.

  1. Except as otherwise provided in this subsection and subsections 2 and 3, a person who willfully, with an intent to defraud, draws or passes a check or draft to obtain:

(a) Money;

(b) Delivery of other valuable property;

(c) Services;

(d) The use of property; or

(e) Credit extended by any licensed gaming establishment, drawn upon any real or fictitious person, bank, firm, partnership, corporation or depositary, when the person has insufficient money, property or credit with the drawee of the instrument to pay it in full upon its presentation, is guilty of a misdemeanor. If that instrument, or a series of instruments passed in the State during a period of 90 days, is in the amount of $250 or more, the person is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130. In addition to any other penalty, the court shall order the person to pay restitution.

2. A person who was previously convicted three times of a misdemeanor under the provisions of this section, or of an offense of a similar nature, in this State or any other state, or in a federal jurisdiction, who violates this section is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130. In addition to any other penalty, the court shall order the person to pay restitution.

3. A person who willfully issues any check or draft for the payment of wages in excess of $250, when the person knows he has insufficient money or credit with the drawee of the instrument to pay the instrument in full upon presentation is guilty of a gross misdemeanor.

4. For the purposes of this section, “credit” means an arrangement or understanding with a person, firm, corporation, bank or depositary for the payment of a check or other instrument.

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Nevada Bad Check Defense Lawyers

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Vegas Bad Check Defense Lawyers
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Nevada Auto Theft Defense Lawyers
Nevada Bad Check Defense Lawyers
Nevada Battery Defense Lawyers
Nevada Burglary Defense Lawyers
Nevada Child Abuse Defense Lawyers
Nevada Conspiracy Defense Lawyers
Nevada DUI Defense Lawyers
Nevada Drug Selling Defense Lawyers
Nevada Elder Abuse Defense Lawyers
Nevada Embezzlement Lawyers
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Nevada Harassment Defense Lawyers
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Nevada Larceny Defense Lawyers
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1. Nevada Revised Statutes: Chapter 162
    "NRS 162.060 Check drawn by fiduciary payable to third person. ... or with knowledge of such facts that its action in paying the check amounts to bad faith. ..."
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    "(c) Is being filed in bad faith or for the purpose of harassing or defrauding ... (e) Shall charge a person, for each check or other negotiable instrument ..."
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    "Dear Lord, the cowboys always had a good saying when things got bad. ... That would be like writing a check, when we know we don’t have the money in our ..."
8. 1999 Statutes of Nevada, Pages 3273-3508
    "A bad debt that is removed pursuant to this section remains a legal and binding obligation owed by the debtor to the agency or the State of Nevada, ..."
    "Your heart might go bad right after that, and you might need Medicaid. ... And finally, the suggestion was made to cap enrollment in Nevada Check-Up, ..."
10. 2003 Statutes of Nevada, Pages 2902-3022
    "If a check submitted to the Department for payment of any tax or fee required ... care and other services, net of any contractual allowances or bad debts. ..."

Nevada Bad Check Defense Lawyers

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Nevada Bad Check Defense Lawyers

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